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Read some of the lovely things people have said about Safari Phil, his 

wonderful Critter Crew, and the stars of the show, the Critters themselves!

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Chris Durber - fb_edited
Thomas Howard - FB
N-Ian G Tattersall - fb_edited
CP-Anna Elizabeth Higson- fb
CP-Hannah Stirzaker - fb
N-paul collins - fb_edited
CP-Charlotte Mcalees - fb_edited
CP-Emi Dowse - fb_edited
CP-Closs_Birkett _-_fb_edited
CP-nigel smith - fb_edited
CP-Zoe Manley - fb
CP-Paige Black - fb
CP-Lexy O'Connor - fb
CP-Karen Lythgoe- fb
CP-Laura Durber - fb
CP-Anna McBride - fb
CP-Elisa Harris - fb
CP-Evonne Beardsworth - fb
CP-Hannah Mosley - fb
CP-Karen Hughes - fb
CP-Chloe Chisholm - fb
CP-Andy Dicko  - fb
CP-Ashley Gatto - fb
CP-Yan Wing Le  - fb
CP-andrea jayne white- fb_edited
cp-Chrissie R - NM_edited
Rowan Rush - Facebook
Netty Jones - Facebook
Matt Hopkins  - Facebook
Lisa Marie Green - Facebook
Fiona Quint - Facebook
Hannah Stirzaker - Facebook
Jennifer Burgess-Thomas - Facebook
Karen Lythgoe - Facebook
Lauren Wood - Facebook
Emma Brown- Facebook
Cheryl Cole - Facebook
‎Ellen Lunt-Travis - Facebook
Danielle Rudkin - Facebook
Nicola Luckett - via Facebook
Jennifer Burgess-Thomas - via Facebook
Carrie Boyce - via Facebook
Siannie Lou - via Facebook
Jodie Sykes - via Facebook
James Costello - via Facebook
Nicola Luckett - via Facebook
Melanie Horrocks - via Facebook
Claire Riley - via Facebook
Natalie Barton - via Facebook
Julian Millidge - via Facebook
Matt Bloom - via email
Carrie Mosley - via email
Heidi Ariel Kaye - via Facebook
Craig Williams - via Facebook
Lyndsey G - via Mums Net
Hazel - via Mums Net
Claire - via Mums Net
Fiona Quint - via Facebook
Sam Walker - via email
Laura - via email
Paul Lowndes - via email
Esther Marie - via email
Sarah - via email
Natalie Liles - via Facebook
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