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Booking Terms & Conditions

These are the general terms and conditions which apply to every Safari Phil's Animal Adventures Bookings. Should you have any questions or unsure of any of our policies, please get in touch.

Attending Animals

Please be aware, that whilst Safari Phil will try to bring along all of your preferred animals in each package, they are living creatures and may not be available to travel on the day. A suitable replacement will be taken in their place if possible.

Deposit & Cancellations

Safari Phil’s Animal Adventures requires a 20% deposit for all packages to reserve the date. This deposit is non-refundable.


Full payment is expected no later than on the day of the booking. In the event of a cancellation, please inform Safari Phil as soon as possible. If you cancel within 48 hours of the event, you will be charged for the full amount.


Should any of the participants have special needs (physical disabilities, behavioural problems, language barrier etc) please inform Safari Phil beforehand, so that we can accommodate everyone in the group.


Our 3 different party packages have strict maximum numbers of participants, this is to ensure that everyone at your party gets to handle all the animals. Your package cannot be changed on the day, as the packages dictates staff numbers.


Should there be additional participants when Safari Phil arrives for the booking, either an additional charge of £10 per guest will be applied, or should the numbers exceed our safety limits for the animals, then we reserve the right to not appear. You will still be charged in full for the event booked.

Child Safeguarding

Our safeguarding policy ensures that our staff are never left as the sole carers of any children or vulnerable adults. It is the responsibility of the parents/caregivers who have booked Safari Phil to ensure that children are looked after at the event. Safari Phil and his Critter Crew are responsible for the animals only when on site.

Venue Parking & Access

Parking for our vehicle must be close to the venue, with a clear pathway to the venue's entrance. This is for the safe transportation of the animals. If this will be a problem (either at your home or a venue you've booked) you must inform Safari Phil at least 48 hours before the booking. Safari Phil will make the decision if it is still feasible and safe to attend.


Participants are required to wash their hands before and after handling the animals. Whilst Safari Phil provides hand sanitizer, it is essential that a proper wash facility is available at the venue, however for outdoor events, we can supply a mobile wash station. Gloves will also be provided for certain animals.

Venue Requirements

Whether your party is at home or a venue, all Safari Phil needs is adequate space for all your guests to participate. It is recommended that furniture be moved out of the way where possible, especially in smaller houses.


Access to a power supply is preferable (for animal heating), but if unavailable we can bring a portable power supply, just let us know beforehand.


If you have any pets (dogs, cats, small mammals etc) we ask that they not be in the same room as the party. This is for their safety as well as that of our animals, snakes especially will be on hyper alert if they smell mammals. 

Outdoor bookings are required to have an indoor area as a back-up should the weather not be suitable on the day (rain, high winds, too cold). If an indoor location is not provided in these conditions, Safari Phil will not be able to attend, and you will be charged in full. This is for the health and welfare of our exotic animals.

If there is anything else you require which isn't available on this page, then just get in touch and let us know what you need. 

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