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Get to know Safari Phil's indispensable team of Mascots,

and the inspirational people behind their names!

Meet Dawkins... Safari Phil's awesome, serpent assistant. 

Named after Richard Dawkins, who is an English evolutionary biologist, and Childhood Hero of Safari Phil's. His presentation of the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures in the early

90's spurred on a young Safari Phil's

interest in biology, science and the

fascinating, ever expanding world of evolution.

Safari Phil hopes to inspire future generations, as Professor Dawkins did for him, to get passionate about these subjects, as an early interest leads to a lifelong passion.

Meet Dave... He helps Safari Phil & Dawkins when they need a hand.

Dave is named after another one of Safari Phil's Heroes, Sir David Attenborough. For those out there who have been living in a cave for the last 60 years and are unaware of Sir David Attenborough's extensive work, he is a world renowned broadcaster and naturalist. 

     He is the face and voice of Natural History in        Britain, and throughout the world,          

        introducing people to thousands of species        and giving many their first glimpse into      

      exotic worlds.

Meet Grace... Safari Phil's go-to-girl for Herpetological advice.

She is named after the great Grace Olive Wiley, an American herpetologist who was a pioneer in her field. She was the first person to successfully breed rattlesnakes in captivity, and used her fame as the "woman without fear" to change the public’s negative perception of snakes, arguing “The fear of snakes is cultivated. We are not born with it. Children love snakes as naturally as they love dogs and cats. Don’t be afraid of a reptile’s tongue.”

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