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Make lessons in the classroom come alive! With the help of Safari Phil,

his expert Critter Crew, and his amazing Animals!

Safari Phil offers a FREE phone consultation before a booking, so you can

tailor the visit to fit your lesson plan exactly how you want it, for no extra cost.

We have a range of courses & experiences for Nurseries, Primary & High School age participants. Get in touch if you have something specific you'd like to cover!

Our Nursery package has been tailored for preschool children, giving them a unique, memorable experience and an early introduction to the natural world. 

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Critter fun and education for our

youngest Animal Adventurers!

Having a connection with animals at any age should be encouraged, and is such a rewarding, fun  experience!


Magenta Package

This package includes Safari Phil plus 1 member of his expertly trained Critter Crew. 


This features up to 6 different animal species, which will be selected based upon the needs of your nursery groups session.

(Please note that we never guarantee which animals will attend). 

This Nursery package is for 2 x 45 minute sessions, for up to 15 participants in each group.

(Please be aware there must be at least 1 supervising adult per 10 participants.)


£200 for 2 x 45 minute sessions

£80 Per additional 45 minute sessions

(When booked on same day, sessions run consecutively)

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Here are our most popular courses for Primary, through to High School Educational visits. Should you have something specific in mind, please get in touch below and we'll try to tailor a package to your classroom needs.

A selection of our Key Stage 1 Courses, for 5-7 year olds.

Life Processes

A course which teaches about the seven life processes that all living creatures share: eating, moving, breathing, reproduction, growing, senses and excrement.

Pupils will get to learn what they share with their fellow Critters, and about how all animals (including themselves) have evolved differently, but with the same basic seven life processes.


This course is all about the vital role invertebrates play in our world. They may be small, but we wouldn’t be able to survive without them.


The pupils will get to learn about how each animal, no matter how small has an important part to play in nature. They’ll get to meet millipedes, scorpions, spiders and a whole host of interesting inverts.

Classification Simplification

This is an interactive classification session which involves classroom sessions using props and animal artefacts to help teach children how to sort animals into the five vertebrate groups.


We would use furs, feathers & snake skins to first help explain why scientist group animals and how they have chosen to do so by what the animals are covered in.

Senses Galore

This course introduces pupils to the wonderful world of sense. They’ll learn about animal senses, as well as their own, and the similarities and differences between species and how they perceive the world.


They’ll find out about humans and other animals senses by listening to sounds, touching objects from the natural world and discussing their own sense of smell and taste. 


In Lifecycles pupils will explore how a variety of different animals, grow, develop and produce offspring. Through interacting with different species of animals, they will gain a better understanding of the various life stages of animals, including us humans.


A variety of interactive props are also included to aid with pupils indentifying the different animal lifecycles.

Random Knowledge Bombs

This course is a fun-filled hour, with interesting animals, interactive, engaging games and loads of fascinating critter facts!

Safari Phil can guide this session to work alongside any subjects you wish to cover, or for an end of term treat, you can just let Safari Phil loose in the classroom to rain down random knowledge bombs!

A selection of our Key Stage 2 Courses, for 7-11 year olds.


Using live animals, this Movement course helps children to understand how animals’ skeletons help them to move in their own unique way.

In this session, pupils will investigate the various ways animals move and how their muscles and skeletons help them to do this, and use appropriate vocabulary to describe a range of different methods of movement used by animals

Classifying Minibeasts

This is a great introduction to invertebrate classification, where pupils will get the chance to meet a wide variety of invertebrates, helping them to learn the differences between the vast arrays of species.


Pupils will learn about the different body parts and be able to identify several different types of invertebrates, including arachnids, insects, myriapods and crustaceans, and learn to identify and assign them to a group.


With this course, pupils will be introduced to several different habitats, and some of the animals which live there. Pupils will be invited to work out where some animals come from by looking at adaptations on their bodies, and discuss why they think those adaptations help the animal in that habitat.

We also provide interactive activities for pupils involved to gain a better understanding of the various habitats.


With the help of Safari Phil and a selection of Critters, children can investigate the incredible biodiversity in the world’s rainforests and find out about the importance of this habitat.

Pupils will gain an understanding about this habitat, learning about the temperature and humidity, and how we recreate this in our own animal’s enclosures. Pupils will also learn about basic scientific instruments.


Now that evolution is included in the Key Stage 2 curriculum, there really isn't a better way to teach about this fascinating subject than through meeting some of the amazingly diverse species of animals, as Safari Phil takes pupils on a journey through time, showing how evolution has shaped all of today’s Critters.

Children will gain a better understanding about how different animals have evolved to thrive in their habitats.

Survival in the wild

We all need water, food and shelter to survive, no matter what the species, including us humans. Safari Phil will use a variety of animals to show how they differ with regards to survival in the wild world, and explaining how evolution helps animals survive in different habitats.

Pupils will learn to work out how different animals are adapted for survival and how they are dependent on other animals and plants that share their habitat.

We are currently working on a new range of courses aimed at 12-16 year olds.

If you're looking for a High School visit, please get in touch for a free phone consultation to begin tailoring your classroom experience.

Jade Classroom Package

This package includes Safari Phil plus

 members of his expertly trained Critter Crew. 


This features up to 6 species of animal, with appropriate Critters selected for individual packages, relevant to your lesson

(Please note we never guarantee which species). 

£350 Half Day    

3 Hours (e.g. Morning 9-12 or Afternoon 12-3)

This will be split into smaller sessions.

Please discuss with Safari Phil to organise your day.

 £600 Full Day 

6 Hours (e.g. 9am - 3pm)

Please discuss with Safari Phil to organise your day.

Please get in touch for details!

jade classroom.png

Emerald Summer Clubs & End of Term Fairs

This package includes Safari Phil and members of his expertly trained Critter Crew.

This features a large selection of species, with animals changed every 20-30 minutes.

(Please note we never guarantee which species). 

We can accommodate both indoor

and outdoor events 

(Spring and summer outdoor only, weather permitting)

This package allows up to several hundred participants to get involved.

 £200 for the first hour   
 for each additional hour

(When booked on same day. Minimum 2 hour booking)

Please get in touch for details!

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Safari Phil operates a clear pricing policy, so that everyone pays the same,

and you don't waste your time waiting around for a quote!


The price here is the total price you'll pay, with no hidden surprises,

and travel costs already included if you're within our catchment area!

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Additional Information

If you're an Educator, then become

a Safari Phil Member for exclusive access to teacher resources.

(Don't worry, we respect your personal

details and will never disclose your

contact information to anyone!)

We can supply teachers/tutors with our free detailed guide to all the courses Safari Phil can provide, as well as the relevant National Curriculum links, helping you in the classroom.

Safari Phil can also provide a full risk assessment once a date has been booked. This can be included in your Critter Welcome Pack, along with copies of his liability insurance.


We make it as easy as possible, keeping you, the animals and all participants safe.

As an Educator, either a teacher in a classroom, or a parent home schooling their child, we can also supply pre-visit material and activities, and post-visit follow-up teaching aids.


Please get in contact for details.

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