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Here's where you get to meet some of the Awesome Exotic Animals
who might be popping along to see you at 
your next event! 
Please be aware that we never guarantee which animals will attend an event.
They are living Critters and their health & wellbeing is always our top priority. 
We will always endeavour to bring along a variety of animal species. 
Please ensure you fully read the important information at the bottom of this page.
Please note that BIG SNAKES 
are only
available at
BIG FETES & FAIRS! Get in touch for details!
Important stuff about Safari Phil and his Critters!

First and foremost, our animals are not trained to do tricks, and they are not used to put on a performance! The animals are free to express their normal behaviour, and all the species Safari Phil brings along have been selected (after years of research and hands on experience) because they are a hardy species, who are able to travel and be handled with minimum stress to the animal. Our Critters will crawl across you, use your arms to hang from, and have a natural curiosity which sees them exploring the areas around them. Participants are taught the correct, safe way to handle the animals, and there is always at least 1 trained handler per animal.

Safari Phil and his Critters provide an educational service, where he aims for everyone involved to gain a better understanding of the animals, their habitat, and how essential each one’s role is in the world around us. Safari Phil hopes participants leave with a greater respect for the animals and the environment, and actively encourages everyone to get involved in the conservation of our planet.

The welfare of our animals is our highest priority! Our Critters have 2 days’ rest, for every appearance they make, and are never out for more than 30 minutes at a time, with a minimum 2 hour break in-between handling at events.


Currently our catchment area has been selected to ensure that our animals are never on the road travelling for more than 45 minutes at a time, reducing any stress to the animal to as little as possible. The containers you see our Critters in at shows are not their homes, and have been selected for safe travel or display purposes only.


Our dedicated Critter Crew have all undergone specific training with Safari Phil, and follow his strict guidelines with regard to handling animals with the public. These staff members also have related qualifications, and come with years of experience within various animal fields of study. Their qualifications include zoology, marine biology, animal behaviour, animal management, veterinary care, science, biology and teaching. Several members of our staff have specialist experience in education with regards to children & adults with special/additional support needs, and those with behavioural problems.


Our safeguarding policy ensures that our staff are never left as the sole carers of any children or vulnerable adults. It is the responsibility of the organisation booking us to ensure that their own relevant trained staff are there to provide care & support to participants when needed. Safari Phil and his Critter Crew are responsible for the animals only.

Our BIG snakes are only available for appearances with our BIG fair packages. This is to ensure we have enough staff available for the public to safely interact with the animal. Please get in touch with Safari Phil for more information.
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