Specialist S.T.E.A.M. courses 

Safari Phil has developed specialist courses to introduce the S.T.E.A.M. fields of study to children of all ages. He utilises his knowledge of all things geeky and scientific, along with the animals he travels with, to help explain complicated subjects in a fun relatable way, encouraging the next generation to pursue the fascinating S.T.E.A.M. careers!

Along with his expert Critter Crew, Safari Phil has created 2 differing levels of S.T.E.A.M. courses.

His introduction course focuses on engaging younger minds, helping them to think scientifically and gain a better understanding of the natural world around them.

Safari Phil also offers advanced courses for older students, which can feature specialist expert panels, such as a marine biologist, animal behaviourist and bio chemist

(depending on the subjects being covered, and availability of specialist on your chosen date).

Junior Introduction to S.T.E.A.M.

Perfect courses to help get curious kids interested in the various fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.

Participants up to GCSE level can try our 'Tools of the Trade' and learn how we replicate habitats, and maintain essential ecosystems!

UV light spectrum
UV light spectrum
Laser Thermometer
Laser Thermometer
Decibel Reader
Decibel Reader
Microscopic world
Microscopic world

Advanced S.T.E.A.M. Courses

For students aged 16+ Safari Phil offers

specialist courses at college and university 

level for S.T.E.A.M. subjects centred around animals and the natural world.

Advanced level animals and equipment

only available here!

Even the Tutors love it!
Even the Tutors love it!
Advanced S.T.E.M. College Courses
Advanced S.T.E.M. College Courses
Entertaining A-level Students!
Entertaining A-level Students!
Winstanley College S.T.E.M. Week
Winstanley College S.T.E.M. Week

Advanced Animals 

Want to meet some of Safari Phil's advanced animals? 


Not available to the general public, these Critters only appear at advanced courses for older students.

Students gain further experience with snakes, lizards & a selection of arachnids & invertebrates.

Tools of the Trade 

Get  hands on experience

with the equipment the  experts use in the field.

Learn how we are able to replicate a wide variety of habitats for our Critters.

Check out the microscopic natural world, and gain a better understanding of the plants and wildlife around us.

S.T.E.A.M. Experts 

Safari Phil's Critter Crew includes several experts in their chosen field of study.

He can tailor specialist courses to include a Marine Biologist, Animal Behaviourist, and Bio Chemist.

Whether in the classroom, or through interactive lectures, we have a package to suit.


The sciences cover so many amazing subjects! From biology to chemistry, Safari Phil relates these complicated principles to the natural world, and explains how scientists are helping animals with breakthroughs, as well as gaining a better understanding of nature!

Students will have fun learning about the physics of a grasshoppers jump,  the defensive biochemistry of millipedes & venom toxicology.


From the phone or computer you're viewing this awesome website on, to satellites orbiting the earth above us, technology is everywhere! Safari Phil gives children a hands on experience with 'Tools of the Trade' testing out animal keeping equipment and explaining the technology behind it!


Discover how humans are attempting to replicate a spiders silk for computers, and how technological advances are helping to save animals. 


Solving puzzles and building stuff! The brilliant world of engineering! Architects are looking evermore so at animals and nature to help solve modern building problems in an ecological way, and engineers are increasingly focusing on biomimicry within their designs.

Safari Phil encourages pupils to look to nature for solutions to engineering issues, and animal engineers themselves.


It's becoming increasingly important for those in the scientific fields

of study to be able to clearly convey complicated ideas in an understandable/interesting way. By working with scientists and engineers, artists can help better explain the natural world.

Safari Phil's Critter Creative dedicate their time to producing engaging, visual, learning resources for every age and educational level .


Mathematics really is universal, and can be found in all aspects of nature. Once you're shown the mathematical patterns of the Fibonacci sequence, you'll be noticing it everywhere, from the way petals on flowers grow, to the spiral of a shell!

As well as using mathematics to explain the world around us, participants will also learn which species are capable of using maths.

Safari Phil operates a clear pricing policy, so that everyone pays the same,

and you don't waste your time waiting around for a quote!


The price here is the total price you'll pay, with no hidden surprises,

and travel costs already included if you're within our catchment area!

Junior S.T.E.A.M. Package

This package includes Safari Phil plus 1 member of his expertly trained Critter Crew. 

Our 'Tools of the Trade' is included

For up to 30 pupils to participate.

(Please be aware there must be 1 supervising adult per 15 pupils.)

 £100 for the first hour  

£80 for each additional hour

(When booked on same day. Minimum 2 hour booking)

£450 for a full 6 hour day 

Organised as you see fit.  

Advanced S.T.E.A.M. Package

This package includes Safari Phil plus up to 3 members of his expert Critter Crew. 

Advanced animals or scientific equipment

For up to 30 pupils to participate.

(Please be aware there must be 1 supervising adult per 15 pupils.)

 £100 per hour

Additional £40 per hour per expert

(When booked on same day. Minimum 2 hour booking)

£500 for a full 6 hour day 

(does not include expert panel)

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Please note that appearance of the expert panel depends upon their availability on your chosen date.

Try to book in advance, and preferably have back-up dates if possible.

All of our expert panel are also

currently working in their chosen

field, gaining more experience to

bring back to your classroom!

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Safari Phil can also provide a full risk assessment once a date has been booked. This can be included in your Critter Welcome Pack, along with copies of his liability insurance.


We make it as easy as possible,

keeping you, the animals and all participants safe.

Please be aware that parking close

to the venue is required, with a clear path to safely transport the animals

into the building.


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