Adventurous Clubs & Groups LOVE our Critters!

Brownie 100 year celebration!
Brownie 100 year celebration!
Brownie 100 year celebration!
Brownie 100 year celebration!

Safari Phil regularly works with brilliant organisations such as the Scouts, Guides, Cubs and Brownies. With the help of his Critters, he can offer a truly memorable experience, whether earning badges, or setting up local conservation initiatives!

Safari Phil offers courses for both small groups, and larger clubs at your local meeting place, and can even accompany groups on nature walks, where he can share his knowledge of UK wildlife.

We can even attend outdoor events, offering additional courses at camp grounds, or providing entertainment at celebration fetes and fairs.


Having a connection with animals at any age should be encouraged, and is such a rewarding experience!

Safari Phil already works with several residential care homes, and offers a range of experiences for our more mature Animal Adventurers! 

Critter fun and education, no matter your age!

Visa the Corn Snake!
Visa the Corn Snake!
Clipper the Ferret!
Clipper the Ferret!
Boov the Boa!
Boov the Boa!

Safari Phil operates a clear pricing policy, so that everyone pays the same,

and you don't waste your time waiting around for a quote!


The price here is the total price you'll pay, with no hidden surprises,

and travel costs already included if you're within our catchment area!

Cyan Group Package

This package includes Safari Phil plus 1 member of his expertly trained Critter Crew. 


You can choose up to 6 species from our Meet the Critters page for each of the packages you choose.

(if you book multiple sessions for one day). 

This Group package is an hour long,

and for up to 30 participants.

(Please be aware there must be 1 supervising adult per 15 pupils.)

£125 for the first hour   
£70 for each additional hour

(When booked on same day. Minimum 2 hour booking)

Magenta BIG Club & Group Package

This package includes Safari Phil and a minimum of 2 members of his expertly

trained Critter Crew.

We can accommodate both indoor

and outdoor events 

(Spring and summer outdoor only, weather permitting)

This package allows up to several hundred participants to get involved, with a large selection of Critters rotated every half hour.

 £150 for the first hour   
£80 for each additional hour

(When booked on same day. Minimum 2 hour booking)

Clubs & Groups Enquiry Form
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Additional Information

It is required for all Clubs and Groups packages that parking close

to the event is provided, with an unobstructed path to the event site so that animals can be safely transported.

Outdoor Events are only available

in spring and summer and are

booked weather permitting.


To avoid disappointment, whenever possible, have a secondary, indoor location available. Due to Safari Phil's Critters being exotic species, we reserve the right to not appear in extremely high winds, heavy

rain or very low temperatures.


This is for the health and

welfare of the animals.


Please get in contact for details.